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    • Hi, everyone!
      I'm sorry to write in English but my German is not very good. I'm a fire poi spinner and I'm interested can I make my art on the street? What are the laws, the prohibitions, the rules?
      I have never been to Germany before, and now I wonder if I can train with fire when I arrive. :)
      Have a nice day, friends!
      I would be glad to meet someone like me there!
    • Hi there,

      As far as I know: playing fire in public places is fobitten if you don't have an approval of the regulatory agency. The regulations (eg. how long, where ecta.) are different in every town for street art, so you have to ask everywhere where you like to perform in advance.

      For practicing with fire it's the best to know someone who has his own ground and can give you an ok.
      On private ground no approval of the regulatory agency is needed. Also when I get booked I mostly play on private grounds eg. restaurant gardens.

      Sometimes in some places like parks and sometimes even on the streets playing with fire without having an approval is beared by the instances - for this case it would be the best to ask resident fireplayers for their experiences.

      I hope I could help you :)