What are my rights if my flight is cancelled?

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    • What are my rights if my flight is cancelled?

      What are my rights if my flight is cancelled?

      Travellers have been facing delays and cancellations at airports, with the industry struggling to recruit and train new staff quick enough as demand returns following the pandemic.

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      Airlines including EasyJet and Tui cancelled dozens of flights over the half-term holiday and the disruption looks set to continue into the summer, with Gatwick cutting flights in July and August.

      So what are your rights if your flight is cancelled?

      Can I claim compensation?
      If you're flying from a UK airport on any airline, arriving at a UK airport on an EU or UK airline, or arriving at an airport in the EU on a UK airline, you have a number of rights under UK law.

      What you're entitled to depends on what caused the cancellation and how much notice you were given.

      If the disruption wasn't the airline's fault and was caused by "extraordinary circumstances" which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken, you won't be eligible for compensation.

      This includes issues such as extreme weather or air traffic control strikes.

      Can I get a refund?
      If your flight is covered under UK law, your airline must let you choose between either getting a refund or choosing an alternative flight, regardless of how far in advance the cancellation was made.

      You can get your money back for any part of the ticket you haven't used. So if you booked a return flight and the outbound leg is cancelled, you can get the full cost of the return ticket refunded.

      If you still want to travel, your airline must find you an alternative flight. If another airline is flying to your destination significantly sooner, or there are other suitable modes of transport available, then you have a right to be booked onto that alternative transport instead.