TikTok interrogates its proactive work culture

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    • TikTok interrogates its proactive work culture

      The Financial Times (FT) reports that Joshua Ma has stepped back and has been replaced as the social media company's UK e-commerce team leader.

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      It follows a newspaper investigation that alleged employees were evacuated from TikTok's London offices.Mr Ma was approached for comment.As reported by FT, the launch of TikTok Shop, the company's live-streaming shopping feature in the UK This has resulted in many employees quitting and complaining about an aggressive culture that violates common working practices in England.

      The newspaper also reported long working hours. Members of the ecommerce team said they regularly work more than 12 hours a day.The incident to Mr Ma involved a dinner with employees earlier this year. He accused him of saying that as a "capital" he "didn't believe" companies should offer maternity leave. The company said it has a clear maternity leave policy in United Kingdom, which includes 30 weeks paid leave.

      But the alleged remarks are seen as signs of a broader cultural clash between ByteDance, the Chinese TikTok owner, and a handful of London-based employees.An email to officials seen by the FT said Ma will now "back" from his role.A TikTok spokesperson said: "We are investigating the allegations and alleged actions to determine if there are violations of company policy."