Fortnite’s latest season features Darth Vader and rideable wildlife

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    • Fortnite’s latest season features Darth Vader and rideable wildlife

      With summer slot vquickly approaching, Fortnite’s newest season kicked off on Sunday. After Epic Games fundamentally changed how people could play the game in recent months, season three sees Fortnite return to its comfort zone. To start, Ballers, the hamster ball-like vehicles Epic Games retired in Season X, are back with a few functionality tweaks. They can now traverse over water and a battery limits how far they can travel. If that’s not your style, season three introduces rideable boars and wolves, both of which allow you to continue shooting while riding them.

      Epic Games has made a few tweaks to Fortnite’s island. A new location called Reality Falls features bouncy mushrooms, purple trees and loot-filed caves. It’s also home to the Reality Tree, which will release seed pods players can plant. The resulting sapling will stay in the same place between matches. Caring for your tree will reward you with special loot. Among the new weapons Epic is adding this season include the Designated Marksman Rifle, which, as the name suggests, is most effective at long rang